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I started designing websites in 1996(!)
…by candle light in a log cabin.

All right we had light bulbs then but it was way back in the dark ages of web design.

Early on I differentiated myself by leading the ‘visual’ revolution in my marketplace. I focused on artistic designs that still loaded fast.  My competition – all computer geeks – were great at writing code but not really skilled at the visuals.  I focused on my advantage and it worked.

Back in those days, due to reeeally slow dial-up internet access, artistic websites were the exception. They were very effective at grabbing attention and implying quality in the brand (if they loaded fast enough). Now that everyone has broadband and artsy fartsy is no big thing, the focus has returned to WORDS.

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WORDS sell. Pictures don’t.

Site architecture, a clear message and easy navigation improve user experience (UX) and conversion.

The keys to effective websites in 2019 are clean, professional design with a clear, well written message, and great offers targeted at the right audience. These ingredients are merely decisions that cost nothing to make.

This goes back to the Sun Tzu quote “Every battle is won before it is fought.”  Taking the time up front to do more research and make better decisions makes all the difference between success and failure online.

My team & I do this better than others. We research your business, your competitors and your marketplace looking for opportunities that fit your business objectives. Then I formulate a plan that fits your budget, skills, and time frame.

Next we execute the plan. We’ll help seek out your prospects and compel them to visit your site and buy your product or service.

The rest is up to you!

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SEO Optimized Websites

All my sites come out of the box fully optimized to current Google algorithms. Once construction begins I include 90 days of ongoing optimization at no cost.

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High Conversion Landing Pages

Landing page conversion is an art form in itself.  I know the secrets to successful pages,  and my team can write the copy to close the deal.

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high conversion landing pages
Mobile friendly website makeovers

Mobile Friendly Responsive Makeovers

If you’re still rocking the old school website you’re getting killed for not being mobile friendly.  We will give you a responsive WordPress makeover that will improve results dramatically.

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